$10 Per Lead Plus 10% At Closing - It's That Simple!

You might be surprised by the low cost per lead.

Our main profit comes from the 10% commission split – and even then, you probably know that most of the major websites take a much bigger split.

You decide how many leads you want.

Re-up month-by-month, no long-term contract.

1 in 4 Buyers (on average) is also looking to Sell.

Brand new program; inventory is currently strong but will go quickly.

Leads are given to up to 3 agents, so speed is essential!

High Quality Leads.

Because we’re depending on your positive results, the quality of our leads has to be high. Our lead-generation process was developed by a team that has sold over a million leads to OpCity/Realtor.com, Zillow, and others. They watched as more and more Agents were “pushed out of the game”, as these sites only want to work with the top few Agents in each market. So now they’re using their skills to help hard-working Agents like you!

If you can answer “yes” to these three questions…

Do you want more leads, and more sales?

Are you able to connect with leads immediately upon receipt?

Do you have a follow-up system in place to nurture leads?

… then we suggest you act fast. Just select your state from the list below to get started!

Call or Text us at 515-428-7626 or email scott@measurableroi.com

What is the quality of the leads, and how are they vetted?

We could make claims about “how great they are”, but the best way to know is to test them yourself. The minimum commitment is 25 leads @ $10 ($250 total). That’s it – no contract. We’re collecting them from ads shown to people who have expressed interest in buying properties – there’s no real vetting at this price point, though we do offer you other Tiers once we prove ourselves to be worth your time and money. 🙂

Are the leads exclusive?

We send leads to up to 3 Agents at once. As you know, Buyers / Sellers want to hear from more than one Agent before deciding which one to work with, and we want for ALL of those Agents to be ReferZip agents! We send you the lead via email and text message within seconds of submission, so speed is they key to winning their business!

How consistent is the flow of leads?

We’re veterans in the Lead Gen space, and we know what frustrates Agents more than anything: having lots of leads one week, then nothing for several weeks. You need a steady flow, which is exactly what we provide. Your initial purchase is a single batch, which will be spread out over 3-4 weeks. Then you may choose to continue to purchase a batch each month, and we’ll deliver as many as you purchase – plus a few more!